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SQL server 2019 administrator's guide : a definitive guide for DBAs to implement, monitor, and maintain enterprise database solutions / Marek Chmel, Vladimír Mužný (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This book will give you all the information you need to become an expert database administrator and master the administrative aspects of SQL Server 2019. From setting up and configuring your SQL Server instance to fine-tuning your database, this extensive guide will teach you the nitty-gritty of SQL Server 2019 administration

Environmental microbiology and biotechnology. Editors: Anoop Singh ... [et al.] Volume 2, Bioenergy and environmental health / (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This book provides up-to-date information on the state of the art in applications of biotechnological and microbiological tools for protecting the environment. Written by leading international experts, it discusses potential applications of biotechnological and microbiological techniques in solid waste management, wastewater treatment, agriculture, energy and environmental health. This second volume of book "Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology," covers two main topics: bioenergy and environmental health, exploring the latest developments from around the globe regarding applications of biotechnology and microbiology for converting wastes into valuable products and at the same time reducing the environmental pollution resulting from disposal. Wherever possible it also includes real-world examples. Further, it offers advice on which procedures should be followed to achieve satisfactory results, and provides insights that will promote the transition to the sustainable utilization of various waste products

Waste-to-energy : recent developments and future perspectives towards circular economy / Abd El-Fatah Abomohra, Jin Huang, Qingyuan Wang editors (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This book addresses the needs of students, researchers, as well as engineers and other professionals or readers interested in recent advances of biofuel and efficient waste management. In the context of energy consumption, over 85% of the total consumed energy comes from non-renewable fossil resources. Developing new renewable energy resources, especially biofuel production from wastes, has received increasing attention. The book is organized into three sections, namely Section I: Conventional waste management; Section II: From waste to green energy; and Section III: Case studies and future perspectives. Each section presents topic-specific chapters, which contain comprehensive and advanced knowledge of the subjects. Overall, the book covers the recent advances, breakthroughs, challenges, and future perspectives of waste-to-energy approach using different kinds of wastes as a feedstock for alternative biofuels and other integrated approaches such as wastewater treatment, plastic degradation, and CO2 sequestration in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. In addition, different routes of waste recycling for enhanced biofuel production and case studies are presented with environmental and economic analysis. The presented case studies and future perspectives under Section III complement the chapters as they are authored by experts from bioenergy businesses who actually encounter real-world problems.

Environmental flotation engineering / Editors: Lawrence K. Wang ... [et al.] (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This volume covers topics on humanitarian engineering education of the Lenox Institute of Water Technology and recent advances in potable water and wastewater flotation processes. The specific advancements covered include: chemical coagulation and precipitation enhancements, first wave of flotation advancement for potable water treatment, second wave of flotation technology advancement for wastewater treatment, innovative circular gravity flotation, fiber detection, fiber separation, independent physicochemical wastewater treatment systems, primary flotation clarification, secondary flotation clarification, tertiary treatment, activated sludge and flotation wastewater treatment, cold weather wastewater conditions, operation and performance of the AquaDAF process system, operation and performance of the Clari-DAF process system, water purification, spectrophotometric determination of dissolved proteins, biological and physicochemical sequencing batch reactors, and sedimentation and flotation comparisons. The book will be of value to advanced undergraduate and graduate students, to designers of flotation systems, and to scientists and researchers

Contaminants in drinking and wastewater sources : challenges and reigning technologies / Editors: Manish Kumar ... [et al.] (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This volume takes a multidisciplinary approach to study and evaluate the global human vulnerability to the exposure of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs) in the natural environment. It provides a comprehensive resource on structurally diverse groups of chemical compounds that have adverse effects on the aquatic environment. It explores the global strength, environmental status, chemical risk assessment and management strategies of CECs with relevant modern techniques. The principle focus is on concurrent emerging water quality issues. It defines the impacts of the environmental exposure of trace concentrations of CECs and/or their metabolites and discusses possible technological advances to combat the emerging pollutants. It will be useful to researchers, multi-stakeholder expert groups, policymakers, and graduate students

Recent trends in wastewater treatment / Editors: Sughosh Madhav ... [et al.] (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This volume discusses contemporary techniques, technologies, and solutions for industrial wastewater remediation and treatment. It covers biological, chemical, and physical aspects of wastewater treatment, with a background on the generation of wastewater associated with different industries, as well as a comparison of traditional treatment technologies with new advancements. The authors also describe the reuse and recovery of nutrients and precious metals from wastewater, and how such sustainable strategies can be incorporated into industrial wastewater planning and legislation. The book also contains practical and theoretical aspects of various industries and their wastewater management practices in a changing climate, with an emphasis on recent research examining the environmental impact of wastewater. The work will be of interest to students, teachers, and researchers studying wastewater pollution and remediation, wastewater management-based NGOs, and people involved in the planning and legislation of industrial operations

Sustainable management of wastes through co-processing / Sadhan Kumar Ghosh, Ulhas V. Parlikar, Kare Helge Karstensen (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:0)

This book is the first comprehensive book in the world on co-processing of wastes as Alternative Fuels and Raw materials (AFRs) in cement kilns. It discusses how AFR from wastes can play an important role in contributing toward reducing the use of fossil fuel and costs while conserving natural resources, lowering global CO2 emissions, and reducing the need for landfills

Clean agile : back to basics / Robert C. Martin (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (0) (Lượt truy cập:0)

If you want to understand what Agile is and how it came to be, this is the book for you."--Grady Booch "Bob's frustration colors every sentence of Clean Agile, but it's a justified frustration. What is in the world of Agile development is nothing compared to what could be. This book is Bob's perspective on what to focus on to get to that 'what could be.' And he's been there, so it's worth listening." -Kent Beck "It's good to read Uncle Bob's take on Agile. Whether just beginning, or a seasoned Agilista, you would do well to read this book.

Fundamentals of multimedia / Ze-Nian Li, Mark S. Drew, Jiangchuan Liu (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (0) (Lượt truy cập:0)

Multimedia is a ubiquitous part of the digital world in which we live and think, touching upon almost all aspects of computer science and engineering. This comprehensive textbook introduces the Fundamentals of Multimedia in an accessible manner, addressing real issues commonly faced in the workplace. Suitable for both advanced undergraduate and graduate students, the essential concepts are explained in a practical way to enable students to apply their existing skills and acquired knowledge to solve problems in multimedia. Fully revised and updated, this new edition now includes coverage of current topics such as 360◦ video and the video coding standard H.266, as well as new-generation social, mobile and cloud computing for human-centric interactive multimedia, augmented reality and virtual reality, deep learning for multimedia processing, and their attendant technologies

MongoDB: the definitive guide : powerful and scalable data storage / Shannon Bradshaw, Eoin Brazil, Kristina Chodorow (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (0) (Lượt truy cập:0)

Manage your data with a system designed to support modern application development. Updated for MongoDB 4.2, the third edition of this authoritative and accessible guide shows you the advantages of using document-oriented databases.

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