Duyệt theo bộ sưu tập Giáo trình, sách tham khảo ngoại văn/Sách tham khảo (Tất cả)
Water in the Netherlands / Editor: P. Huisman ... [et al.] (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (0) (Lượt truy cập:0)

Discover Lyon and its wold heritage / Sébastien Griffe (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (0) (Lượt truy cập:0)

An introduction to the finite element method / J.N. Reddy (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (0) (Lượt truy cập:0)

Handbook for green housing and healthy living (2) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:1)

Provide a basic knowledge of how to make buildings greener and then to suggest simple but efficient solutions along with a number of hints and tips for the public in general

Optimal design methods = Các phương pháp thiết kế tối ưu / editors: Le Hong Quan (principal), Trinh Bich Ngoc, Pham Van Uy (15) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:7)

Cung cấp một cách đầy đủ các kiến thức cơ bản của các phương pháp thiết kế tối ưu từ cổ điển đến hiện đại hiện đang được giảng dạy và nghiên cứu ở nhiều Trường Đại học và các Viện nghiên cứu nổi tiếng trên thế giới

Dynamics of mechanical and electromechanical systems / Stephen H. Crandall ... [et al.] (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:8)

Presents a rare and healthy combination of engineering dynamics and analytical mechanics to advanced engineers and physicists interested in learning the basic principles behind the analytical tools of dynamics. Presentation of the Legendre Transformation in its most generalized form with all its applications to various fields of mechanics and beyond is a characteristic feature of the book. This particular approach reinforces the concepts on the existence of energy and co-energy as dual attributes of the same physical system being examined from distinct yet dual viewpoints.

Engineering thermodynamics / P.K. Nag (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:1)

This book presents a stack of real-world engineering examples to understand and augment the ideas developed, facilitates the reader to comprehend its fundamental ideas buried under the haze of abstractness and to appreciate logical development of thermodynamic reasoning

Introduction to industrial and systems engineering / Wayne C. Turner ... [et al.] (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:2)

This book focuses on the knowledge and skills that an engineer needs to know in order to be successful in his or her chosen career as an industrial engineer or as a systems engineer.In each chapter the topics are explained in a conversational manner and a college degree in engineering is not necessary to be able to understand and master the skills presented in this book. Technical words and engineering terms are carefully explained using simple words. Practical examples are used to demonstrate how to work each of the equations presented in this book. The final answer to each equation is then interpreted in practical terms that explains how the answer could be used to make a good engineering decision or a good management decision.

Internal combustion engine handbook : basics, components, system, and perspectives / edited by Richard van Basshuysen and Fred Schafer ; translated by Techtrans (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:3)

Comprehensively covering the development of the internal combustion engine (ICE), the information presented captures expert knowledge and serves as an essential resource that illustrates the latest level of knowledge about engine development.Particular attention is paid toward the most up-to-date theory and practice addressing thermodynamic principles, engine components, fuels, and emissions. Details and data cover classification and characteristics of reciprocating engines, along with fundamentals about diesel and spark ignition internal combustion engines, including insightful perspectives about the history, components, and complexities of the present-day and future IC engines.

Optimization of logistics and supply chain systems : theory and practice / Turkay Yildiz (1) (Lượt lưu thông:0) (1) (Lượt truy cập:2)

This book consists of six parts and twenty chapters. The first part of the book, which includes three chapters, is about introduction to optimization with typical base problems and algorithms for solving these problems. The second part of this book includes five researches in the application of optimization methods. The third part of the book shortly introduces the general concepts of the computable general equilibrium models (CGE) and presents the fundamentals of a CGE model. In each chapter of the fourth part, short articles that include five simulations based on various scenarios are presented. The fifth part of the book briefly introduces to the basic concepts of the computable general equilibrium models (CGE) and then, presents the fundamentals of dynamic general equilibrium models. In each chapter of the sixth part, two short articles that simulate various scenarios are presented.All the chapters in this book are independent of each other.

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